Sunday, March 23, 2014


Spring arrived in the Northern Hemisphere two days ago.  We know what that means!  Spring cleaning and open windows.  Daylight savings time and porch dinners.  The budding season gets the creative vibrations flowing in us.  Winter's grip is released and we open.

Wonder is intrinsic to the young child's curiosity with the world!  The arrival of spring beckons us to the yard, into the garden and down to the creek.  A child in nature is in his element - all the creative forces aligned with Mother Earth herself, forcing life back and discovering what's new.  It's an amazing opportunity to become immersed in creativity, imaginative exploration and wonder.

In Barbara J. Patterson's Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, she describes a spring outing with her class:
"Once I took the children in my class outside after it had been raining for days.  The ground was quite saturated, and we discovered earthworms on the sidewalk.  The children wanted to save the earthworms from being stepped on or drowning and proceeded to spend their entire outside time moving the worms one by one from the sidewalk to resting places under the trees.  This sort of creative activity calls upon the living formative forces within them and extends it into the surrounding world.  You can think of it as exercising life itself: the strength a child can gain from this can serve him his entire life."

20 Creative and Playful Spring Ideas: 
  • Walk in the rain with rain boots, rain pants and hooded rain coats
  • Climb a tree (Atlanta's Grant Park is full of perfectly sized trees for young climbers)
  • Have a spring picnic dinner in your yard or the park
  • Make a fairy or gnome house from bits of bark, wood, dandelion daisies, wild violets and leaves
  • Make mud pies and leave them for the fairies
  • Leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the birds
  • Start seeds in eggshells 
  • Plant leafy green veggies in container gardens
  • Make Strawberry Macaroons -
  • Laying sideways, roll down a hill, climb back to the top and repeat
  • Look for tadpoles in a low creek bed 
  • Plant grass seed in soil in a basket (for REAL Easter grass)
  • Make homemade jam
  • Make a new bird feeder and fill it with seed
  • Hike Arabia Mountain (Dekalb County, Georgia - just 20 minutes east of Atlanta)
  • Fly kites
  • Build a fort...outside!
  • Make bark boats and float in small buckets of water
  • Paint flower pots
  • Collect wild flowers on a nature walk

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